Wishy Washy Markers

Because creative kids shouldn't have to be decisive, they can erase and draw over and over again with Wishy Washy Markers.  Simply apply a damp cloth to surface to erase markings.  Wishy Washy Markers are a revolutionary way of drawing on paper, plastic, white/chalkboard, windows, etc.  The colors are vibrant, and there is virtually no-smell. 


Wishy Washy Markers wipe clean on most non-porous surfaces; however, when applying Wishy Washy Markers to any non-Jaq Jaq Bird product, please always test erasability on a small area before widespread application.  Also, please note that while Wishy Washy Markers are a great artistic tool for paper application, illustrations will not erase on paper. 


Contains 9 Colors: Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, Blue, Pink & White! Tip is 4.5mm.