Ultimate Spotlight: Rain Forest Animals

Interactive and engaging, Ultimate Spotlight: Rain Forest Animals gives children a closer look at the wild and amazing birds, bugs, and beasts that live in the rain forest.

Discover animals in rain forests around the world: Turn a page to reveal a grand pop-up of the different layers of the rain forest, rotate a wheel to see bonobos at play, and open big flaps to uncover animals at night.

Flaps! Pull-tabs! Pop-ups! Lots of interactive and moveable parts to keep kids engaged

Detailed illustrations that beg to be poured over again and again

A captivating adventure that shows young children how different animals of the rain forest live, eat, and play

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Great family and classroom read-aloud book

Books for 5 and up

Books for kindergarten and early elementary school students

Chock-full of age-appropriate information, this book is an exciting introduction to life in the rain forest.