The Small and Mighty Book of Dinosaurs

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Small in size, MIGHTY in facts! The Small and Mighty Book of Dinosaurs is a pocket-sized treasure trove of dinosaur information.

You’ll discover . . .

Dinosaur weapons that could fight off a T. rex

A dinosaur with neck spines like a spiky hairdo

A deadly dinosaur fight preserved in a fantastic fossil

and MANY MORE prehistoric wonders.

Readers will also discover tons of original dinosaur art, plus profiles of the world's most amazing prehistoric creatures, this is a book no young dinosaur lover can afford to be without!

From the Introduction:
In the past, people thought of all dinosaurs as large, slow-moving, scaly beasts. Science has shown that they were far more varied in size and shape than we first thought. Learning about dinosaurs is so exciting. There are still lots of mysteries, and new discoveries are made every year.

Filled with bite-size facts and amazing illustrations, the Small and Mighty series is the ultimate pocket-sized collectible series for young readers who can't get enough of their favorite topic.

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