Starry Luxe Leather Circle Dreamer

Dreamers are the ones with stars in their eyes, and the luxe starry dreamer is scattered with stars especially for them. Made with a mix of luxe metallic leather, wool felt feathers and balls and is ready to enchant babes and adults alike. Hang it on the wall by your desk or spinning freely in space over your hanging table to inspire dreaming for all ages.


Looking for another color scheme? Inquire about a custom order today!




+ measures hoop is 10" in diameter and 22" tall


+item comes packaged in an organza bag with care instructions; no hardware is included.


This is not a toy for children, it is intended for decoration only. If you are going to hang this in a child's room it should be hung out of arms reach. As the child learns to stand please adjust the mobile again. We advise against hanging this over a child's bed because of the risk of injury.