Peel + Discover: Space

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Peel + Discover combines sticker play and trivia for the kid who loves both! Each book has six sheets of stickers, 20 interactive activity pages, and 60 fascinating facts about kid-friendly topics like vehicles, dinosaurs, the ocean, and outer space! Just peel the stickers and discover fascinating facts underneath! When all the stickers are gone full-color fact sheets with cool photos remain. It’s the sticker book series that keeps kids coming back for more!


Welcome to outer space!

Blast off with hundreds of stickers featuring colorful planets, swirling black holes, explosive supernovas, sleek spacecraft, and many brave astronauts—including Laika, the first dog in space! Plus go on a mission to Mars, create a constellation, orbit the sun in the asteroid belt, and float around the international Space Station as you explore the mysterious wonders of the universe.

How it works:

Peel a sticker to reveal a fascinating fun fact

Use stickers, markers, crayons, and more to decorate the activity pages—make them your own!

Once all the stickers are peeled, remove the overlay for a Peel + Discover surprise

Recommended age 6+

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