Moose, Goose, and Mouse

Giggles guaranteed! Moose, Goose, and Mouse ride a loose caboose on their way to finding a new house! This funny book by a Caldecott winning author-illustrator promotes foundational reading skills!

"Help!" yelled Mouse.

"It's no use!" said Goose.

"This is fun," said Moose,

"riding in a loose caboose."

Then . . . BONK! . . . the train hits a tree near the sea, where they find the sunny, funny house of their dreams.

An upbeat story about finding the perfect home is accompanied by fun, cartoony art with hilarious details and rhyming and alliterative text to encourage word play. Author Mordicai Gerstein, Caldecott medalist, was a four-time New York Times best illustrated book winner. Moose, Goose, and Mouse is the culmination of the humor, wit, and joy that he brought to his all of his books.

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection