Fairy Tales for Fearless Girls

Showcasing narratives that celebrate strong, independent women, these fairy tales contain heroines that aren't reduced to being wives or witches! Instead they run free and possess the qualities we would hope for in our daughters and friends: self-confidence, strength, wits, courage, fearlessness, and independence. They live freely, happily ever after, without restraint or narrowly defined roles.

These stories include:

• Atalanta the Huntress (Greece)

• Nana Miriam (Niger)

• Fitcher's Bird (Germany)

• The Girl and the Puma (Argentina)

• Li Chi Slays the Serpent (China)

• Brave Woman Counts Coup (US/White River Sioux)

• Mizilca (Romania)

• The Pirate Princess (Poland/Jewish)

• The Samurai Maiden (Japan)

• Molly Whuppie (England)

Accompanied by magical illustrations, these stories will capture the hearts and minds of young readers everywhere.