Coloring Poster - Spaced Out

This giant poster is the ultimate fun project for anyone who likes to color. Spread it on the floor or hang it on the wall and invite everyone to join in. This poster also makes a mega-awesome party project. It’s a great way to introduce art and encourage collaboration. It’s also just a good reason to shut off the TV, get creative and go crazy with color.



Let your imagination go on an outer space odyssey with this action-packed picture full of aliens, robots and rocket ships, colliding in a fantastical galaxy of cosmic play.




MIKE LOWERY was born on Planet X3908 in the year 4523 A.B. (After Bubiloid). He traveled through space and time until his space ship crashed to Earth several years ago. At first, he was totally bummed, but now he kinda likes it. Mike a children's book illustrator now and he lives in Atlanta with his human wife and daughter. While working on this poster, he had a blast drawing portraits of every single alien he's ever met including:  Zxeagreg, Bloop8x#, Jeremy and many others.




SIZE: W 39” x H 26”




AGES: 3-133