Brothers and Sisters

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Following on from the success of Little One and Son, from the same creative team comes Brothers & Sisters. This lyrical, stunning picture book is a warm-hearted tribute to siblings and their magical bond, with stunning art by award-winning illustrator Sonja Wimmer.

It's true that sometimes we fight when we want to play with the same toys. But when night falls, we snuggle up together and fall asleep while we read fairy tales to each other. We're similar in so many ways And we're different in others. But one thing is for sure, and that is that we'll always be there to help each other out. It doesn't matter if stormy nights or evening shadows come to visit us. As long as we are together, we will get through them. We've learned so many things together, and discovered that the day and the night, even though they seem so different, form a part of the same melody.

Brothers and sisters play together, they fight, hug, and make each other laugh and cry. But, above all, they remain united by an invisible bond that accompanies them on the path of life.

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