Annicke Mouse in Amethyst Sparkle Outfit

Annicke likes to wake up really early and search the meadow for new mushrooms. Unlike a human, she can tell by scent whether they are poisonous or delicious. She picks a bunch and leaves them on Ella Toad's doorstep, then goes about her business. Then, when Ella wakes up around noon she makes a delicious mushroom omelet, which is Annicke's lunch and Ella's breakfast.


Annicke measures 14" tall. She is made of light brown organic cotton fleece, with a hand-embroidered face and striped cotton lining on her floppy ears. She is stuffed with washable fiberfill, so you can hand wash her if she gets grubby.


Annicke comes wearing a pink tulle tutu and gold leather ballet slippers.  This beautiful outfit is good for any lover of ballet, and also newborns because it doesn't have any buttons or strings. The outfit is removable so Annicke can share and trade clothes with the other Hazel Village animals.