Teacher Picks

Charlotte Petty is the lead teacher in a toddler classroom at the Cambridge Montessori School. She's been teaching at CMS for over 5 years, and was a student there, herself. Charlotte has thoughtfully selected products that compliment the teachings in Montessori Toddler (1.5-3 year olds) and Primary (3-6 year olds) classrooms. With toys, she chooses pieces that encourage open-ended exploration and fine-motor skills that lead to writing readiness. When considering books, she looks for illustrations that realistically represent objects, people and events that a child may encounter in their everyday lives. And finally, for clothing and home accessories ("Practical Life" in Montessori parlance), she places a premium on things that foster independence, such as pants with a sturdy elastic waistband that are easily pulled up and bento boxes that are simple to open and present a variety of healthy choices all at once. 

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